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Board of Governors

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PostSubject: Rules    Mon Jun 13, 2011 12:28 pm

Here are our main rules, to make it here fun and pleasant for everyone. To make sure that everyone has read the rules we came up with 3 passwords. You’ll read them in between the rules. Remember them because you’re going to need them when you’ll be filling in your form! Which basically makes it easier for us to decide whether a character is approved or not.

The basic rules :

  • No strong language.
  • No comments based on races.
  • Type normally. So not like this: He WaLkEd 0v3R 2….
  • Always let (at least) one post in between your own!
  • No Spamming or advertising for any other website or what so ever. The only place where you can put a link to a website is in your profile and nowhere else!
  • Icons may be max 150 x 200. ( Note that if u have an icon of 100x100 it will be re-sized into a 150 x 200 pixels icon!!)
  • You will be approved only if you have an icon! If you cannot make one yourself then feel free to contact me (Board of Governors) or The Ministry. We would love to make one for you. So don’t worry we won’t bite, just ask.
  • In case you have a question or if you don’t know how something works or what so ever, please don’t go posting your questions everywhere! We have made a special questions topic so please use it!
  • If you are new to the whole RPG and you have no clue what you should be doing or not you can read info. about everything in here: Forum Information!!
  • Do NOT use any copyrighted material as an icon or in your posts!
  • Password 1: World
  • Everyone will be sorted after approval into one of the four houses based on the questions you get to fill after registration.
  • Members of each house can only make topics/post in their own house at the Dormitory topic!
    Please note that the above rule only concerns the Dormitory topic! All the other topics are accessible to any member, the Dormitory is the only exception.


  • Register with your CHARACTERS full name. (So not your own name!): First name, (second name) & last name. For example: Josh Henry Smith.
  • You are allowed to have max. 3 characters per person!!
  • Your post have to at least contain 50 words.
  • There can be max. 6 characters in a topic.
  • You are allowed to post only after you’ve been approved by an admin or a moderator!!!
  • Everyone can make a topic of his/her own. (There are no limits to this).
  • Password 2: Beyond
    (If you have any kind of questions please ask an admin or a moderator for help! Seriously we are pleased to help each and every one of you any time of the day!)
  • Keep your posts clear and try to live into your character as much as possible.
  • Note that you're using an already existing character so keep your posts to their type of personality!! So don’t go out of character, because then we might bite.
  • Try as much as possible to keep your character to the original storyline!
  • In your posts, you do not have to copy and paste everything which has been said in the post before yours!


    Someone posts: Someone wants to go back to his newly bought house.
    "Are you coming with?" asked Someone.
    Then I/you post: "Yes I’m coming.".
    This way I’m not quoting the person before me but am just simply replying to his/her post.
  • Type always in the past sentence!! With as exception when you're writing down your characters thoughts or when talking to one another.
    >>Use with thoughts and quotes always italic letters that makes it more comprehensible for the other members.
  • You can see/read everything only when you are a member of the forum.
  • Fictional/made up characters are not allowed.
  • Password 3: Imagination.

For further news on changes concerning the rules or the forum in general please read on the announcements section.

The Admins are: Board of Governors & The Ministry
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